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Office Organization & De-clutter

Improving your work environment...

Walk around your business and really look at the space

you work in.


Are you satisfied? Do you feel like your office reflects your professional, personal and public persona? How do your clients perceive you when they enter your office? Do you ever feel like you wished your office looked better organized and less cluttered? Could you intensify your work output if you were better organized?


Typically the first part of my job is sit down with my client to discuss their goals. What do they envision for the time they have allotted to work with me? What is their vision of their end goal? What are the obstacles? What are the possibilities? Most people want to start with a set plan. Of course the goals/ideas can change while in the midst of our work. My main goal is to meet your needs and stick with your agenda, your vision, and to offer my ideas and skills in a way that works for you. I work hard and I am very efficient.


Give me a call and we can discuss ideas for a more organized and efficient business environment.  Studies have proven that professionals work better in an organized working environment.  When your office is clear, your thinking is clear. Increase your work output and make it a pleasure to be at work. You work hard. You deserve it!


Clutter is stressful and time consuming!


What Can Be Done To Improve Your Office Environment?



  • Desk/Work Station organization to optimize work projects

  • Office furniture/machinery assessment and possible redesign

  • Storage Systems

  • Clearing of out clutter and outdated materials in files, drawers, closets and shelves

  • Development of effective filing systems

  • Office Materials and Supply Organization


                                           And much more…


"Claire is a very organized and experienced declutterer! I hired her to help me organize my storage room and she was very helpful helping me determine what to keep and how I should store it. I highly recommend her services!"


Rebecca Stark Photography

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