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"Claire has the most cheerful and

pleasant personality and high energy. 

As I recently moved from my home of many years into a much smaller home in another city, I was so grateful to find help in the person of Claire. She has the ability to take on a job and do it well. She also has an exceptional ability to connect with people. I cannot be happier with her focus and energy on the job at hand. She knew just what was needed for the packing. She helped me to make decisions on so many things. All in all, the huge job I was dreading turned out to be quite satisfying and even fun!"


Cynthia Baxter

I work with clients in Santa Cruz County

and the Greater Bay Area.

Email me through the form below. Text or phone me at:

(831) 227-8537


Let's talk and discover how I may be of help to you. I look forward to simplifying, organizing and de-stressing your life.


Claire, The Home Weeder

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