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Home Organization & De-clutter

Simplfy and create order...

"Claire has an amazing work ethic. While you may be left scratching your head wondering where to start, Claire will guide you like a Sherpa through your clutter mountain. Not only does she do incredible work, but she makes it fun. I can't think of a time I have been around Claire without her making me laugh. One of the nicest people I have ever met. Highly recommend."


Michael J. Folk

There are big decisions to be made such as:


  • What to keep

  • Do I have room for it

  • Where to keep it

  • Who to pass cherished possessions onto

  • Where to donate

  • How to sell it

  • How to transport

  • How to avoid family friction


That’s where I come in.


What sets me apart from many in this field is not only do I roll my sleeves up and achieve the goals of organizing and decluttering, but when needed I also draw upon my background in counseling. Using tools from my profession, I help people move forward effectively and find satisfying solutions to challenges or roadblocks.

"Claire, The Home Weeder, has a natural gift for getting things done. She works with compassion and understanding. And she's fast too. All with an upbeat great attitude. Helped me tremendously with decluttering my home and garage! I recommend her highly."


Dawn Breese


I help you make those big decisions needed to

simplify and create order!



Have you been wanting to organize your:


  • Garage

  • Closets

  • Storage Locker

  • Drawers

  • Kids Room

  • Attic

  • Master Bedroom

  • Bathrooms

  • Storage PODS



Take a moment to read the client testimonials on the pages of this website. Clients find my knowledge and guidance gives them the energy and incentive to tackle the tasks at hand. A synergy is created and together using strategy and perseverance, the jobs get done!


Organizing and letting go of possessions can present many challenges. However, working with a Professional Organizer can

make all the difference.


It is amazing how some things we have are easy to organize or pass along. Conversely, there can be great difficulty with other things we own. Some people experience, loss, grief, sadness and other challenging emotions. So many people tell me that their reluctance to “dealing with all their stuff” comes from not wanting to face the emotional component of organizing and decluttering.


No matter the circumstance I can help you. I roll up my sleeves and get the work done. I prioritize your goals and ideas. Should you want any leadership with the tasks, I am happy and able to provide expert advice.









Why do people hire a home organizer and declutterer? 

Many reasons:


  • Moving to a different home

  • Storage Locker Organization/Clearing

  • Storage Pod Organization/Clearing

  • Senior downsizing to a smaller home or care facility

  • Children have grown and moved out

  • Desire simplification of lifestyle to lower stress level

  • Desire to have clearer living/working space to increase peace of mind and clarity

  • Death in the family

  • Divorce/Separation

  • Disability Issues

  • Growing family

  • Seniors Who Are Downsizing

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