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Whether it’s your home, office, storage locker, studio or, Storage POD, I can organize and de-clutter and simplify your space. My services are confidential and open-minded. 

No need to clean up first or feel embarrassed about anything. 

We all have clutter!  

Bring calm and balance into your life.

Your Home
Your Office

"Claire helped me to organize and declutter my art studio which I had been putting off for a long time. The job seemed overwhelming as I had let supplies pile up, and did not have a proper storage or organization system. Claire to the rescue! She helped me visualize what the space could look like and develop a system for each of the different areas, everything from cabinets to file drawers. In the process we threw out/recycled a ton of stuff, moved furniture around and improved the aesthetics of the space. When we were done

I was excited to work in my studio again. I have found clean up to be much easier now that everything has a place where it belongs. Claire is fun to work with, non judgmental and will help you create the space you are dreaming of. I would highly recommend her services!"


Erika P.


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